Taking care of your day-to-day health can be a difficult, but important task. Prescription drugs may be the primary reason Bear Drugs has been one of the leading pharmacies in the Kitty Hawk pharmacy industry since our establishment in 1984, but they’re certainly not the only products we sell. Over the counter medicine is a significant part of helping keep people healthy, comfortable, and happy through minor ailments and other conditions. Over the counter medicine makes up a good portion of the $251.73 billion pharmacy and drug stores rake in in gross revenue annually.
While you can buy many over the counter medicines in grocery stores and supermarkets, Bear Drugs is as ideal a location to shop for these important drugs as it is to get your prescriptions filled. Here are a couple reasons to consider coming to Bear Drugs for all of your medicine needs, whether over-the-counter or prescription based.

1. Service Assistance and Selection of Medicine: At Bear Drugs, we pride ourselves as being a community pharmacy. We employ a small, tight-knit and professional staff to assist our customers with all of their concerns and questions. This service doesn’t stop with prescription medication. As the drug market has become flooded with more and more over the counter medicine it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to decipher and determine exactly what it is they need. Our staff is always more than happy to assist our customers through this process.

2. Wide Variety of Options: Simply put, we have a lot of options to choose from! While this can be a daunting endeavor to some, it shouldn’t be for the very reason previously mentioned. It just means we likely have exactly the type of OTC medicine you need to get you back functioning at optimum proficiency.

3. One Stop Healthcare Shop: As far as convenience goes, you can’t get much better than Bear Drugs when it comes to healthcare needs. In addition to OTC medicine and filling your prescriptions you can also find home healthcare equipment, Pride Mobility scooters and lifts, and a slew of vaccination options. Vaccines prevent approximately 2.5 million deaths each year and have helped reduce the rate of many historically deadly infections. For example, the incidence of bacterial meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenzae has dropped by 99% since the introduction of the vaccine in 1988, according to the CDC.

Come down to Bear Drugs pharmacy for your medicine needs, no matter if they’re prescription or over the counter and we’ll send you home with just what you need!